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After installing V3.x I don’t have access to all the features and I see the following when I open the “Register GanttDiva” command:

Register GanttDiva_no_code

This indicates that the license checking software was not registered properly during installation. 

If this is the case, then please uninstall GanttDiva and then re-install with the appropriate version for your copy of Excel.

If you do have the correct copy of the file in the folder, then it failed to be registered correctly. If this is the case, then the account that you used to install GanttDiva may not have sufficient privileges for the installation. You should either set the appropriate privileges for your installation or if you are on a remotely managed computer, you should contact your network administrator.

You can check your version of Excel via the following commands:

– for Excel 2010, enter the command File->Help .. You will see your version listed under the “About Microsoft Excel” information

– for Excel 2013, enter the command File->Account->About Excel.. You will see your version listed at the top of the dialog box

How does the switch to the new license handler affect me?

You no longer need to have LockXLS installed on your computer and now changes can be made directly into GanttDiva so you can add additional worksheets if you want to the program. Some users experienced stability issues when opening files and these should now be resolved.

GanttDiva V2 Related

Can I still import projects made with GanttDiva 1.36?

Yes you can, however you will need to need to display the Overrides field and clear the contents of this field after loading the project. This is because the earlier version of GanttDiva used that field for another purpose and it doesn’t have any function in the newer version.

How do I change the names of GanttDiva fields?

You can do this by updating the field names on the Configuration page. Note that this will not change the names displayed in the detailed task dialog. See the example screen shot below to see how the duration field can be renamed.

Do I need to pay to upgrade from an older version of GanttDiva?

No. You may need to obtain a new activation code, however if our records indicate that you have purchased a license for a previous version, you will not need to pay to get the new code.



What  Versions of Excel work with GanttDiva?

GanttDiva works with Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.

I just downloaded but don’t see any files on how create a schedule. Where do I find instructions?

GanttDiva comes with an extensive help file that explains all of the features, concepts and has a large ‘how to’ section that explains how to use the program, create a schedule, etc. The section labelled ‘QUICK START INSTRUCTIONS‘ will get you going quickly with the entry of some tasks, using some of the main concepts.

Why does GanttDiva not have any functions after I start it?

You may have VBA macros disabled on your version of Excel or you may have been prompted to enable macros, but did not do so. GanttDiva requires that macros are enabled in order to work properly.

How do I copy and paste block of tasks?

You can use the GanttDiva Copy Task Range command to copy a block of rows to the GanttDiva clipboard.  You can then use the GanttDiva Insert Task Range command to insert the rows at other locations in your project. The GanttDiva Delete Task Range command is also available to delete a block of tasks in your project. All commands can be undone, using the GanttDiva Undo GanttDiva Action command. Note that the native excel copy and paste commands are restricted to copying data within a single column of the Gantt workspace.

What is the difference between exporting a project and saving the current project, using the Excel Save command?

The GanttDiva export command saves the specified user selection to another Excel file in an .XLS format that can be read by all versions of Excel. The file is a snapshot of the GanttDiva project workspace, but with all of the GanttDiva macros removed. It can be imported by any GanttDiva user or can be viewed as a static snapshot of the schedule by any Excel user. Only a selected number of settings associated with the project are saved with the export file (Project Manager, Project Title, Schedule Baseline date, # of days per column).The Excel Save command saves the current state of the GanttDiva program including all configuration settings as well as the current contents of the project workspace.

Why is the GanttDiva installed in the My Documents folder rather than the Program folder?

The GanttDiva is not a true executable, but a protected Excel spreadsheet. If the spreadsheet were installed in the Program folder, the user would not be able to save changes within the spreadsheet because that folder is normally protected against write operations by the application.

What is the relationship between Budget, Actuals, Physical Progress, ETC and EAC?

Budget is related to the original scope of work (in hours) for the task. The ETC or Estimate to Complete is the remaining effort to complete the task, so initially the ETC and the Budget should be the same. The ETC should be based on a user assessment. The physical progress is a user assessment of the actual level of completion of the task, expressed as a percent from 0 – 100. Before a task is started, the physical progress should be 0. Physical progress and ETC are related, but normally the ETC is not calculated based on the physical progress as it is typically left to the user to provide an assessment in hours to complete the remaining effort. The Actuals for a task represent the hours that have been expended on the task to achieve the currently reported physical progress. The EAC or Estimate at Completion is a forecast of the total effort in hours that will be expended to complete the task. The EAC is normally formula driven and can be expressed as: EAC = ETC + Actuals.

What should I do to upgrade to a new version of GanttDiva?

Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version by checking the version id on the download page of this site. If this is newer than the version you already have installed, then on your own computer first uninstall the current version of GanttDiva (available as a choice under the GanttDiva Program menu). You can then use the GanttDiva msi package in the new zip file to install the new version. You will NOT lose the contents of your workspace during this upgrade.

Note that if you do not have a paid version and your trial period is expired, you will not be able to use the new version. Contact support@ganttdiva.com if you need to install a new version.

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