Creating a Roadmap using GanttDiva

In addition to the creation of normal schedules and Gantt charts, GanttDiva can also be used to create a Road-map that can give a big picture view of a project. A road-map is used to provide a high level view, particularly when activities stretch out over years. The benefit of using GanttDiva instead of a simple drawing tool is that full schedule logic can still be maintained and updated, without the need to manually move each shape.

The following figure shows a roadmap  for the first two releases of a new product called Widget. For this view, most fields as well along with the logical links between activities are hidden in order to remove unnecessary clutter from the picture and goalposts are used to hi-light the release dates for the first two releases of the product.

How to create the  Widget Roadmap

Step 1 – Set the project configuration parameters for the appropriate time scale and hide the logical link connectors

Set the Project scale to one month increments. This is done by setting the number of days per column on the Configuration page of the GanttDiva to 365/12. You will note that when this scale, the GanttDiva will display Quarters as well as the start dates for cell.

Set Logical link connectors to be hidden. This is done by setting the “Logical Link Connectors are Visible” field on the Configuration page to “n”

Step 2 – Enter the tasks and milestones on the Gantt page 

In order to create the Roadmap shown above, I entered the data shown in the following figure for the roadmap entries. Note the use of the goalpost activity types to create the vertical bars shown in the roadmap. GanttDiva supports the definition of three different style of goalpost. Note that when a goalpost task type is defined, the text information in the Title field will be used for the text displayed on the bar.

Step 3 – Hide all unnecessary fields

This is done by going to the configuration page and setting the visibility for all fields that are not required to “n”. This will hide the fields when on the Gantt Page of spreadsheet. For the Widget Roadmap, I only left the title field visible. The result is the Roadmap shown above.

This can now be save to another spreadsheet using the “Export Project” command or copied as an image to the clipboard using the “Copy Image to Clipboard” command. This is the command that I used to create the png images copied into the post.


And that’s it. A multi-year, uncluttered Gantt chart based roadmap was created that still has all the relevant logic between the defined tasks.



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