Enabling Macros – Excel 2007

In case you are not sure how to enable macros on your copy of Excel 2007 to use GanttDiva and start creating your Gantt chart, here is a step by step approach:

Step 1 – From the initial open page of Excel, click on the button with the Office Logo as shown in the image below. Then click on the button labelled “Excel Options”

Excel 2007 - Front Page

Step 2 – You should now see the Excel Options page. Scroll down until the Trust Center tab is highlighted as per the image shown below. Now click on the button Trust Center Settings..

Excel 2007 Trust Center












Step 3 – Now click on the button labelled Macro Settings. You can now configure Excel to run macros. I set my own computer toDisable all macros with notification'”. This setting results in Excel always prompting whether to run macros when a file (such as GanttDiva) that contains them is loaded. Press “OKand the next time Excel is started, it will have the new setting.

Excel 2007 - Macro Settings












Step 4 – that’s it! Macros can now run on your version of Excel 2007.

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