GanttDiva can be used to rapidly define tasks during System Design

Normally System Design activities are difficult to model in a larger project schedule because of the number of small inter-related activities required for each functional change. GanttDiva becomes very useful for creating a short term gantt chart based schedule to track this work. I started by creating a schedule template for a typical set of activities, which are required for the System Design of a new function. Each function is typically handled by a single team member, with the overall effort linked to the duration of a particular task. In order to create a template, I also added in formulas for the ETC (estimate to complete) where the ETC is a set # of hours * the task duration.

This information was then saved as a schedule template for System Design work. It can be copied repeatedly into the workspace to create a project covering the entire System Design effort. The team lead can logically link functions together with predecessors and successors define and by adjusting durations for different functions can also create an overall view of labour demand for the team. Functions can be prioritized and linked together to establish the overall duration of the entire effort.

This level of detail, which could result in hundreds of activities defined for a relatively short period of time (several months) would be time consuming to manage with an enterprise based scheduling package, so the excel based scheduling approach results in flexibility and visibility into the progress of the team using a simple Gantt chart tool.

The schedule “snippet” template for systems design activities is shown below. This template is inlcuded as a sample with GanttDiva and by copying the template repeatedly you can quickly define all the elements for a large system design project.



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