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How to Create a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) Report for your Gantt Chart

A RAG status report is frequently using in project management to provide a visual indication of project performance. The actual definition of the thresholds used to determine the status can vary from project to project, however a typical interpretation for each condition is: If a status is Red, then some form of escalation is immediately […]

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How Burn Down charts can help you to assess progress on your project

If you have worked on very many projects, you realize that they often don’t often follow the original plan. Predecessors are sometimes delayed or resources are sometimes unavailable and plans need to change based on the reality that has actually transpired on your project. Yet the end dates don’t change and it can be difficult […]

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Creating a Roadmap using GanttDiva

In addition to the creation of normal schedules and Gantt charts, GanttDiva can also be used to create a Road-map that can give a big picture view of a project. A road-map is used to provide a high level view, particularly when activities stretch out over years. The benefit of using GanttDiva instead of a […]

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