What’s New

Version 3.08 Released Feb 21, 2017

Stability and bug fixes

Updated import file handling so that successor dates are updated if a macro in either the start or finish date field triggers a date update since the last time the project was loaded

Updated the date fields if the project loaded uses a different scaling for the date than the scaling that was set for the gantt page

Version 3.07 Released Feb 12, 2017

New Feature – Display Baseline data in Labour Curve Chart

Labour Curve with Baseline

If baseline data is present, then it can be displayed as a series for the labour chart to compare current and baseline demand. Display of the series is configurable via the GanttDiva options dialog

New Feature – external references can be used for multi-project file links

Multi_project links

Links can now be added between project schedule files so that dates from other files can be linked to the current schedule. Now large projects can be broken down in a master project linked to many sub-projects.

Useability enhancements

Formulas can now be used in the start and finish fields. If the formula does not result in a plausible date, the original contents of the field will be automatically restored.

Updated handling of the options dialog pulldown list user to select whether a field is hidden or visible. After any change the list cursor will be automatically updated to the next location

Stability and bug fixes

Corrected a calculation error in the labour chart.

Updated date handling in the options dialog to correctly handling UK date format

Version 3.06 Released Sept 19, 2016

Stability and bug fixes

Fixed calculation of start date for an activity with a predecessor FF relationship

Version 3.05 Released Aug 14, 2016

Stability and bug fixes

Resolved exception that could occur during some file imports when logical connectors are enabled

Resolved error in burndown calculation which occurred with some activities where the activity duration was less than the selected interval

When showing baseline data, don’t show baseline labels on the chart to avoid excessive screen clutter


Useability enhancements

Improved algorithm for placement of text after shapes on the Gantt chart

Significantly increased performance for loading large files into the Gantt chart

Added notification when a new version of GanttDiva is available

New Feature – Print Selection Command

Added a new command so that the user can print selections of the Gantt chart from GanttDiva

Version 3.04 Released Mar 10, 2016

Stability and bug fixes

Fixed bug “Compile error in hidden module dConstants” that occurred in some versions of Excel for Version 3.03

Fixed bug related to change in weekend definition via the Calendar dialog. This resulted in implausible date calculations.

Fixed bug related to Pert Chart handling when option is set to “don’t show duration”

Version 3.03 Released Mar 5, 2016

Useability enhancements

Formatting of date field is updated so that when a period of 1 month or greater is shown, only the month information is shown, not month and day.

Colour overrides now also override the default colour for a milestone.

Stability and bug fixes

When selecting multiple columns in the gantt chart are outside of the gantt fields and exception was triggered. This has been resolved

New Feature – Display text on the Gantt Chart

New configuration options have been added so that the task title can be displayed next to the task or milestone directly on the Gantt Chart

Option Dialog - Display Text

Enabling text will result in a Gantt Chart with text as shown below:

GanttChart with Text

Version 3.02 Released Feb 20,2016

Useability enhancements

After loading a project file, the excel save command can be used to save any changes you make to the file. It is no longer necessary to use the Export Project command save your changes.

Version 3.01 Released Feb 15, 2016

Stability and bug fixes

Corrected clearing of the Project Title field in the current session when a new project is loaded

Fixed a problem that can occur with calculation of hammock duration after an insert task range operation

Update hammock handling so that hammock duration will be recalculated even if it has progress reported

Minor performance improvement for excel versions > 2007 in loading of project files

Version 3.00 Released Jan 30, 2016

Major New Feature – GanttDiva Options Dialog

Option Dialog

The new GanttDiva Options Dialog changes the way that you work with GanttDiva. It has been created to control all configuration options and replaces the Configuration worksheet. It can be accessed from the GanttDiva Ribbon and any configuration changes are effective as soon as the Dialog is closed. This Dialog offers greater flexibility over the previous version, with several new configuration parameters. A comprehensive update to the Help file describing all of the new capabilities is also included.


Useability enhancements

Project Name will now appear in chart titles

All Charts can now be configured to include data tables at the bottom of the chart

The Burndown chart now has an option to display Burndown in hours or in %

Improved performance for updating dates for activities after the project calendar is updated


Stability and bug fixes

Updated correct colour of milestones after a predecessor update

Corrected error where hammock doesn’t update when dependent activity was updated via direct entry on the Gantt page rather than via the dialog

Corrected handling for burndown calculation when an activity with a future start date has progress reported

Resolved issue where formula in the ETC field will be overwritten when a budget update occurs.

Corrected an issue where an imported project containing macros had the macro replaced by its equivalent value

Version 2.03


Now able to select all cells on a row in order to update formatting information.

Improved speed of update after a calendar update.

Stability and bug fixes

Fixed issues related to calendar handling.

Corrected handling of hammock data entry on the Gantt page.

Corrected hammock predecessor logic handling when predecessor date is changed and falls on a holiday.

Correct several bugs related to handling of macros.

Version 2.02

Stability and bug fixes

Fixed bug where file open and save dialogs on some computers with 64 bit version of Excel triggered a halt. This fix required a change to a new license handler, so existing users who upgrade to this version will need to get a new license (at no additional cost).

Corrected user entry scenario where row height was changed when a new row was created.

Corrected bug where data series are removed from the cash chart when it is visible and a filter is applied.

Fixed bug where a label > 80 characters can trigger an exception when a Timeline chart is created.

New Features – Filter on Task Logic

Filter only the current task and its immediate predecessors and successors. This command is available via the ribbon bar or by right-clicking on a cell on the Gantt page.

New Features – New Commands to Get and Save GanttDiva Settings

You can now save and restore your GanttDiva configuration, including all colours, calendar settings, etc using the Get and Save GanttDiva Settings commands. You can share your configuration with other users so that everyone will have exactly the same settings.

Version 2.0


GanttDiva is now significantly faster, and the maximum project size has been increased from 1500 to 3000 tasks


GanttDiva now supports multiple cell selection in all fields. Effortless copy and paste both within the Gantt page and from other files to the Gantt page.

New Fields
Two new fields available for user purposes for a total of five user customizable fields
A new field for holding cash values, used in the new Cash Milestone chart

Useability enhancements

change field name v2

Field titles can be configured by the user
GanttDiva remembers the last directory accessed by the user, even between sessions
Comments in fields can be exported in project files.
Fractional values can now be entered for budget, actuals, etc.


Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements have been incorporated

New Features – Multi Cell copy and paste with full GanttDiva support

Copy data either from within GanttDiva or another file and paste into GanttDiva. If the data is pasted into the Title field, then new tasks will be created automatically. The paste operation won’t change any fields that are hidden by an active filter or overwrite existing data if plausibility checks don’t pass. Copy and paste operations can be performed on any GanttDiva field.

Data is selected from another spreadsheet

Data is selected from another spreadsheet

Pasting contents into Title field generates new tasks

Pasting contents into Title field generates new tasks

New Features – Cash Milestone Chart

cash chart

Track Cash flow for your project. Associate a cash value with any task or milestone and chart both current and baseline cash flow for your project via the new Cash Milestone Chart. You must first create a baseline for your schedule using the Set Baseline command in order to see a baseline cash data series.

New Features – Display Baseline Information on the Gantt Chart

baseline info

Show baseline information for any task in your project. Baseline information can be displayed or hidden via two new GanttDiva commands: Show Baseline Info and Hide Baseline Info

New Features – A new Timeline Chart Style

pert chart

A fifth Timeline chart style has been added that lets you see the relationship between your activities. This new style provides a Pert Chart style view of your tasks, illustrating the relationship between tasks

New Features – Enhanced Sort Capabilities

enhanced sort

Now all the criteria for sorting your data are user selectable via a new dialog


Version 1.36

GanttDiva 1.36 has been updated with two bug fixes

  • If either the Project or RES fields were hidden, the “Copy to Clipboard” command encountered an error and would not copy data to the clipboard – this has been resolved
  • On some systems, background fill updates to a chart would not be persistent between GanttDiva sessions – this have been resolved

Version 1.35

GanttDiva now supports Excel 2013!

GanttDiva 1.35 has again been updated with a great new set of features:

  • The ability to customize colours and background patterns for individual tasks. Any colour in the Excel Palette is available!
  • A major update to the Timeline Charting feature with 4 predefined styles and much more customization to allow you to completely customize its appearance. A new command is also included to make it easier for you to drag and drop changes on your chart and capture the updates
  • The Free version of GanttDiva has now been integrated into the release.
  • The help file has been updated to fully describe the new features
  • GanttDiva also has some additional bug fixes to further improve its stability.

Version 1.34

GanttDiva 1.34 has been updated with a great new set of features:

  • A new 3D look for the shapes
  • Two new reports:
    • Burn-down (or S-Curve) to track project progress and generate project metrics such as CPI and SPI
    • Timeline to create a chronological single page chart of your project
  • New fields and commands to set and clear a baseline for your project
  • Updated copy to Clipboard command
  • New copy, paste handling for blocks of tasks with automatic update of predecessor links
  • Backward compatibility to earlier file formats
  • Updates to the help file to fully describe all of the new features

GanttDiva has also been updated with bug fixes to further improve its stability.

As of Version 1.34, updates for versions earlier than Excel 2007 are no longer available.

Version 1.33

  • corrected handling for update of Project Title, Manager, baseline date
  • improved plausibility checking for Configuration data
  • resolved several Excel 2010 64bit version compatibility issues
  • added additional sample files
  • added new message when labour demand chart command is selected but no tasks have ETC > 0

Version 1.31

  • corrected error when using the Load Project command
  • added command to ‘save GanttDiva contents” to the Excel XP/2003 menu

Version 1.30

  • enable undo operation after a line is inserted
  • update cells with correct cell background information after all operations including sorting, import, range deletion, undo operation, etc.

Version 1.29

  • replaced Excel file dialog with Windows file dialog as the license manager runtime module can crash when using the Excel file dialog

Version 1.28

  • Don’t quit the application when quitting GanttDiva if other workbooks are open

Version 1.27

  • Updated calculation of auto filter range to match max area defined by the configuration, regardless of inserts or deletes

Version 1.26

  • Updated plausibility checking for duration so that a duration greater than the calendar max can not be entered

Version 1.25

  • Updated to work with latest version of Locking program, which hides the VBA code. Update to load configuration data and current Gantt Page contents from an external configuration file and to save this data when  the program is closed
  • Updated handling of the application caption to display the name of a project loaded into the work-space via the Open Project command, or to update the caption when the entire work-space contents are exported to a project file
  • provide a new command to allow the user to save the configuration data and Gantt Page workspace contents
  • Add a configuration parameter that allows the user to select whether logical links between tasks are hidden or visible
  • intercept the Excel save and save as commands. The save command invokes a saving of the project space and configuration data

Version 1.20

  • add an event handler to open a task dialog when the user clicks on any of the following shapes: task, milestone, goalpost, hammock, progress bar
  • handle the case where a task has a milestone predecessor and another non milestone predecessor with the same finish date
  • disable events while deleting a range of rows
  • correctly undo a change in progress without affecting the format information for the date fields
  • disable events when opening an import file to prevent error messages
  • if scale is 1 day/column, position milestones so that they are centred in the middle of a column
  • correct labour demand calculation error when scale is set to 1 day/column
  • display hourglass when recalculating dates after a calendar update

Version 1.19

  • correct handling in the detailed task dialog when a task is deleted, another task added, its logic changed and then another task is selected.
  • remove the ‘Update” button from the predecessor tab of the task dialog form
  • allow multiline text entry into the comment field of the detailed task dialog
  • if the date scale is set to 1 day/column, highlight weekend days, days off and holidays as per the calendar definition
  • in the redraw handling, update successors for a task if a calendar change causes the dates for the initial task to change
  • redraw the ‘today’ bar after clearing the gantt page workspace
  • correct a bug in handling the undo of a new task creation
  • add keyboard short cuts to insert a task, delete a task, open the task dialog. Also update the help file with the list of shortcuts

Version 1.17

  • corrected calculation of maximum row count when importing a file. After an import operation is aborted, re-enable event handling
  • disable the compatibility checking dialog for excel 2007 and greater when exporting a project
  • handle boundary condition where import file row count exactly matches the maximum row count
  • handle the double-click handling on a field that may be disabled in the task dialog for the current task type without outputting an error message
  • increase max line limit for an import file to 1000 rows
  • output row# of the task that has a parsing problem with its predecessor field data
  • resync the gantt array with the gantt page contents before opening the task dialog to capture any changes that may have been driven by a formula

Version 1.15

  • clear the project manager, title and baseline date fields when all projects are cleared
  • allow the user to make changes on rows past the Gantt fields (up to column 21) without triggering an exception. This data will not be exported
  • when a cell is double-clicked, the task dialog will open with focus on the appropriate field
  • restored formatting information with undo operations

Version 1.14

  • updated handling to manage computers that have system time as dd-mm-yy or mm-dd-yy

Version 1.12

  • changed colour of selected cell on calendar controls to red to have better contrast on graphic cards that have less distinction between colours

Version 1.11

  • updated width of labels on the calendar control by several pixels to display correctly on lower resolution monitors

Version 1.10

  • addressed problem in ‘save project’ in which a line reference 1 less than start of the block of lines to be exported was accepted
  • addressed a problem in ‘save project’ in which data was saved to the same file name repeatedly. Previous data was not completely cleared before the new
  • data was written
  • updated messages that the user sees when saving a selection for the save project command
  • updated handling after a calendar update. Now any task which is changed will trigger updates to its successors
  • Updated handling for import and export project to import and export formulas
  • Corrected handling of circular references by the detailed task dialog – only one message will be output
  • Corrected handling of circular references when entered directly onto the Gantt page.
  • updated handling to restore formulas as well as cell contents for GanttDiva fields where a formula is permitted
  • several minor fixes to get rid of messages upon undo command
  • added “Change Column width” to the menu
  • added gantt view start date initialization from an open project file
  • transfer formatting information from the import project t0 the Gantt page
  • restored formatting when undoing a change to a cell

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