Copy, Paste Task Blocks

Quickly assemble a project plan by copying a block of tasks and pasting back into the project where required. Predecessor references within the task block are handled as relative references and automatically updated to reflect the new paste location, while predecessors outside the block are treated as absolute references and retained without change at the new locations.

A block of tasks that is copied into the GanttDiva clipboard buffer is retained after the paste operation so that you can continue to paste the original block into your plan without the need to repeat your copy operation.

The following example illustrates how this is done:

In Step 1 a block of activities are copied into the GanttDiva buffer:

In this block, the row references are converted from absolute to relative references as long as the referenced rows are within the block. References external to the block will be maintained after the block is inserted into a new location.

In Step 2, the block is inserted after the final row of the project and after the pasted block has been added, all row references are automatically adjusted: