Burn down and Burn up charts

A burn down or burn up chart is an essential project management tool (frequently used in Agile development) to let you see how much work is remaining in your schedule. A  burn down curve tracks your project progress starting with the full scope of work to completion whereas the burn up chart  tracks your project from  no work completed until the full scope of the effort is completed.

GanttDiva can automatically generate either chart based on the current status of your project.

Both chart types use earned value calculations generate their curves based on the project budget (in hours), the reported physical progress for each task and the task start and completion dates. GanttDiva generates four data series for your chart:

  • The baseline curve uses the project baseline information you captured via the Set Baseline command. This curve represents the original project plan of progress. This is use to track both original dates and original work scope
  • The current plan captures your current budget for each task and the reported start and finish dates
  • The reported and projection curves are based on the actual physical progress reported for the tasks in your schedule. The projection is based on the reported task dates and the remaining progress required to complete your project

GanttDiva Burn down charts are very useful to predict when all of the work in your Gantt Chart will be completed.