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GanttDiva Configurability

GanttDiva is highly configurable. Set up the fields you need, the schedule duration, default workday length, the reporting period, screen colours, etc.

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Full Support for Schedule Logic

GanttDiva supports Finish-Start, Start-Start and Finish-Finish logical relationships and displays all logical relationships.

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GanttDiva Import/Export Capability

Import and Export GanttDiva data to and from other excel files to exchange data with other users or to rapidly build complex schedules using pre-defined templates.

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Full Support for Auto Filtering for Labour Demand, Burn Down, Cash Flow, Timelines

Use Autofiltering to drill down and analyse data.

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Copy, Paste Task Blocks

Full support to copy and paste blocks of tasks while retaining predecessor links to quickly assemble a project plan

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Labour Demand Charts

Labour Demand Charts are generated based on the current, filtered view of your project and indicate what effort is required to support your plan

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Timeline Charts

Automatically generate Timelines from your gantt chart based project schedule, starting from one of five available styles

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Project Calendar

The Update Calendar dialog simplifies the task of customizing your GanttDiva project calendar with holidays, weekend days and also specific workdays that may override a weekend day

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Customize GanttDiva Colours

GanttDiva lets you completely customize Gantt Chart colours and shape characteristics

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Burn down and Burn up charts

GanttDiva supports automatic generation of Burndown or S-curve charts based on your current project status. Use these essential project management tools to get the big picture progress view.Support your agile project management

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Cash Milestone Charts

Cash Milestone charts can be used to compare the current cash flow for your project based on the latest schedule dates versus the baseline plan

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DOWNLOAD Free Version 3.08 FOR EXCEL


If you own a license, future upgrades are free!

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An overview of the main GanttDiva features (video)

GanttDiva is both easy to use and easy to install and uninstall. It is delivered as an MSI package that installs the spreadsheet , the help file and sets up a shortcut on your desktop. GanttDiva does not require Administrator privileges to install and relies only on your installed Excel VBA to drive its functionality.


GanttDiva is absolutely free, and for the first 30 days of your installation, check out a set of additional features that you will get by purchasing the premium version.

 If you don’t need the premium features and just want project plan software for your own personal use, GanttDiva will continue to operate after the 30 day trial period of the premium features.  The free version of  GanttDiva is a great tool to help you plan a project and it has a comprehensive help file to explain all of the features.

You can upgrade your free GanttDiva version at any time by purchasing an activation code!

GanttDiva is installed by a setup file to make the installation simple.


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